Ellen Joe

VA: 萧清源

Ah, another annoying commission… I should’ve taken a different shift.

Section 6

Less Is More, Simple Is Key

Complexity has no place here. Just keep everything simple.

Work Smart and Rest More

Take breaks at the right time… to minimize the annoyance of working.

Work With Focus, Prevail With Caution

Whether she takes it too seriously or not seriously enough, it’s her enemy who ends up suffering from it.


VA: 张若瑜

Are you the new master?
Rina from Victoria
Housekeeping, at your service.

Section 6

A Midsummer Night’s Dance

A delicate and gentle melody flows naturally through Rina’s movements.

Twisted Fate Concerto

Additional music performed by the dolls, best enjoyed with attentive ears.

New World Symphony

Stirring, powerful, and elegant. Rina is as elegant as ever, even when beating people up.

Grace Howard

VA: 小敢

Such sharp and strong lines, truly beautiful…
I can’t help but want to open it up and
take a look.

Section 6

“Did you say Grace?” Wrench jumped in and answered:

“Hm, she’s the first person I’ve met nice enough to give me a massage.”

“She’s genuinely caring,” Screw quickly added:

“Rather than being tightly wound, I prefer her way of tightening screws just right.”

Gear joined in at this point:

“Her intelligent mind is alluring and elegant like a well-engaged gearbox!”

Hoshimi Miyabi

VA: 杜冥鸦

Order cannot be

Section 6

The head of Hollow Special Operations Section 6, and the successor of a renowned martial art family in New Eridu.

With her strong sense of responsibility towards guarding the principles and order within New Eridu, Miyabi aspires to build an unbreakable city management system… and to own a sizable collection of swords (her own words).


VA: 刘雯

I’m happy as long as
I can always eat my fill~

Section 6

Soukaku, Deceptively Strong in Combat

Not only a member of Section 6, but also one of its “assets.” Enemies who underestimate her have a tendency to vanish from existence. Totally.

Not Picky, Hates Wasting Food

She loves to eat, and gets angry when seeing others waste food. Totally.

Trouble With Words

Due to certain reasons, she’s somewhat uneducated, and often mispronounces words, which results in some cute blunders. Totally.

Ben Bigger

VA: 孟祥龙

I’m kind of a math nerd, but that doesn’t
stop me from beating on some thugs.

Section 6

Strong Body & Honest Soul

Those paws could shatter bones, luckily they’re busy tapping away on a calculator.

Has His Fish and Eats It Too

Finds an easy ballance between fighting thugs with his pillar on the battlefield and returning to accounting at the times of peace… The only thing that could make it all better is a jar of caviar.

Fuzzy Fur, No Fuzzy Math

Anton Ivanov

VA: 萧翟

Tough job? I got this!

Section 6

Leads Others in His Passion for Work

A senior staff member of Belobog

Industries, he’s an onsite project manager who’s always ready to go.

Energetic and Reliable

He’s full of vigor and always rises to the occasion.

Kind-Hearted Despite Appearances

With a sharp tongue but a soft heart, he can’t say “no” to those in need.

Koleda Belobog

VA: 穆雪婷

I’m Belobog Heavy Industries’
president, Koleda.

Section 6

Small & Cute, With Some Fierce Combat Power

She may be small, but can certainly wield that huge hammer.

A Fierce Young Girl Who’s Also a President

The young leader at the helm of Belobog Industries.

A President Who Leads by Example

She prefers to work out in the field, rather than being stuck at a desk.

Von Lycaon

VA: 王宇航

Your personal attendant Lycaon,
at your service.

Section 6

Can resolve any matter. The most trusted of attendants, and solid support for any team.

Rational and wise, a true gentleman who can’t tolerate a single stain.

Offers absolute loyalty to the one he decides to follow.

Though outwardly sophisticated and rational, his innate feral character will reveal itself when faced with certain dangers.

Corin Wickes

VA: 沐霏

Can someone like me really manage?

Section 6

Domestic work or not, leave everything to her!

(Oh, uhh? B-but I’m not that good!)

She’s obedient, diligent and responsible, and not afraid of a little hard work!

(One moment please! That’s really not me!)

She’ll never let her companions suffer, and always takes responsibility!

(Please listen to me! Such exaggeration will make customers misunderstand!)

You’ll find no better housekeeper than Corin!

Nekomiya Mana

VA: 花玲

The best mackerel is always
the one you haven’t eaten yet~

Section 6

Spirited and mischievous, she likes to play tricks on others. Your wallet is her wallet. (Really… It’s hers now.)

Athletic and daring, no Hollow is too dangerous for her.

“Cats love fish” is actually an incorrect stereotype. But Nekomata does love fish…

She’s seen a lot of cat-astrophy and “curiosity killed the cat” moments, and seen many a secret that can’t be told.

Soldier 11

VA: 陈雨

I don’t care where you’ve been, but whatever the case, I await my orders.

Section 6

A model soldier who follows orders and stays loyal to the mission… At least that’s what Soldier 11 demands of herself.

Weapons don’t need emotions, and need only follow orders… At least that’s what Soldier 11 tells herself.

No matter how strong the enemy, just get fired up and face it head on… At least that’s what Soldier 11 does.

She’s shed her weakness along with her name, leaving only resolve… At least that’s what Soldier 11 thinks.

Billy Kid

VA: 陈润秋

The Starlight Knights never lose

Section 6

A handsome cyborg with a casual and carefree personality.
He’s an avid fan of the Starlight Knight show, not only referring to himself as one of the Starlight Knights, but repeating many classic lines from the show.
Refers to his pair of special custom-made high-caliber revolvers as “ladies.” They appear to have been a gift from an old friend.
He may look unreliable, but once he gets serious Billy can take on any challenge.
Nicole Demara

VA: 陈婷婷

A wise choice!
But I should warn you,
my services don’t come cheap!

Section 6

The leader of the odd-job agency the Cunning Hares, who accept all kinds of Hollow-related commissions.
She’s been on the streets for many years, and has a reputation among her peers as being exceedingly cunning.
She’s been blacklisted by many clients due to her all-or nothing approach.
She loves money, but is surprisingly bad at managing it, leaving the Cunning Hares constantly on the edge of bankruptcy and owing many debts.
Anby Demara

VA: 宴宁

Target confirmed. Commencing the operation.

Section 6

A mysterious young girl who never talks about her past, almost as if she didn’t have one.
She is calm and collected, and unusually competent and efficient in combat, almost as if she’d had years of training.
In an unexpected incident, Nicole brought her back to the Cunning Hares, and she’s has an emotional independence on her ever since.
She loves watching movies, but due to certain lack of common sense she seems to almost think them real-life stories.