Paloma H. Gouthier

3D & Digital Artist   /   Game Producer

Hey there! :wave: I’m a go-getter Gen Z professional fueled by a love for all things fresh and unconventional. Juggling multiple projects is my jam—I thrive in that fast-paced, creative chaos. With a knack for Photoshop wizardry, character crafting, and animation, I dive into every project with enthusiasm.

From bringing characters to life to crafting mesmerizing matte paintings, I’ve got you covered. I’ve steered large-scale projects from concept to completion, soaking up every moment of the creative journey.

One highlight? I designed the eye-catching cover for the Amazon Bestseller “God, You Sexy Devil: Exposing The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by Rohit Juneja. That was a wild ride!

But wait, there’s more! :video_game: I’m also the video game producer behind “KOMMANDO,” set to hit PlayStation, Steam, Epic, and Xbox in 2024. Get ready for an epic adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Here’s my mission: I’m on a quest to make the internet beautiful with positivity and cool vibes! Whether it’s through stunning art, captivating games, or original character illustrations, I’m here to spread joy and creativity.

When I’m not shaping worlds through art or bringing games to life, I’m sketching out original Character Illustrations that bring smiles to clients’ faces. The best part? I’m not just an artist—I’m a young entrepreneur, running my own studio and reveling in the freedom to create magic every day.

Let’s connect and make some art that sparks joy! :sparkles:


Digital Arts & Illustrations

Graphic Designer

Motion Graphics

UI / UX Designer

AR/VR Developer

3D Avatar Designer