Yueyuan – Basic


Yueyuan is your ideal streaming partner, injecting personality and thrills into your broadcasts. Tailor her hair and ears to suit your style and mood, captivating your audience with lively animations.

Stream seamlessly with Yueyuan’s pre-configured features and anticipate forthcoming updates, guaranteeing she remains current and vibrant. Enhance your streams and foster connections with your viewers with Yueyuan as your trusted companion!

Team up with Yueyuan today for a boundless streaming triumph!

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Get ready to meet your ultimate streaming sidekick: Yueyuan! She’s not just any partner in crime; she’s the spark that turns your broadcasts from “meh” to “heck yeah!” Customize her hair and ears to match your style and vibe, and watch as she brings your streams to life with animated flair! 

Here’s why Yueyuan is your new best friend: 

Personalized Perfection: 

Why settle for boring? With Yueyuan, your stream reflects YOU! Change up her hair and ears to match your vibe of the day. Feeling bold? Go for fiery red! Feeling cute? Bunny ears it is! Your audience won’t know what hit ’em. 

Streamlined Awesomeness: 

No more tech headaches! Yueyuan comes packed with all the features you need, pre-configured and ready to rock. Customizable backgrounds? Check. Exciting animations? Double check. With Yueyuan, it’s smooth sailing all the way. 

Future-Proof Fun: 

But wait, there’s more! Yueyuan isn’t just a one-trick pony; she’s your evolving co-star. Anticipate awesome updates to keep her fresh and full of surprises. Who said streaming had to be boring? 

Unleash the Yueyuan Magic: 

Say goodbye to dull streams and hello to boundless excitement! Team up with Yueyuan today and get ready for a streaming adventure like no other. Trust us, your viewers will thank you!

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